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BLOG: My IVF Diary


By Infertile Myrtle on Jul 2, 2014

The consult with the Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE) went really well.  Dr. C was actually really optimistic about our chances of success.  My blood work indicates that I still have a really good egg reserve and all my hormone tests came back normal.  My ultrasound also looks good, she says.  (Yayy, good news finally!) According to her, the best infertility problem for a woman is tubal issues because it is the body part you don’t need with IVF.  She also said with Male Factor Infertility (MFI) that severe morphology is the easiest to overcome because of Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). They would just inject the sperm directly into the egg. She assured me that morphologically abnormal sperm did not automatically produce deformed babies.  Well that’s some really good news, isn’t it? It seems we are perfect for IVF with ICSI.  It's like we won the best prize in the Most Awful Prizes contest. I know it is far from funny but if I can't find humor in all this, I think I might lose my mind.

Now I am waiting on my doctor to schedule my surgery to remove/cut my tubes.  I will need to recuperate for about a month and then I can start the process of IVF.

I have since read everything on the internet about tubal infertility, IVF and ICSI and if there is hope, if there is a chance, we will take it.  I still cannot believe that just a few months ago we were just TTC and so hopeful each month.  Now my husband and I are officially infertile.  It is a huge blow that we will keep struggling with and I hope never to lose my ability to stay hopeful throughout all this. 

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