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6 Tips to Start & Build Up Your Emergency Fund

Find out how to start and build up your emergency fund

Find out how to start and build up your emergency fund

An emergency fund is money that is set aside for unforeseen disastrous life events. Despite the importance of establishing such an account, many feel as if they do not require one. This is simply because it is easy to feel untouchable when things are going our way. However, this is precisely why starting an emergency fund is so important. Most of us experience at least one unexpected expense in our lifetime, and an emergency fund creates a safety net for spontaneous tragedies such as illness, unemployment, or major expenses (i.e., a home or car repair). It also prevents us from incurring bad debt by allowing us to avoid using credit cards or loans.

When you take the time to establish an emergency fund, you are doing far more than just saving money. You are building a future. Here are 6 useful tips that can help you get started.


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