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Everyday Heroes: Top 9 Stories of Brave Americans

Tales of heroism of American citizens

Daily Heros

When you think of heroes, you may think of people who have spent years of their lives doing dangerous, courageous work.  These people have been trained to risk their lives everyday so that they may save the lives of others, such as fire fighters and police officers.  There are many such people in the world, but those are not the only heroes.

There are many everyday, American citizens who have done heroic things and made a difference in their communities and the lives of others.  They had no special training for their accomplishments, and it wasn't their job. Daily-unsung heroes come in all forms, have stories just as interesting, although they are typically too modest to mention their heroism or make a news story about it. These people just did what they felt was right, and as a result, they are truly heroes. Here are a few stories of such everyday heroes in America!

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