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Aug 5, 2013
Esther A.
Flexmodo Esther

“There is not enough time in the day” are the words that Esther Marie Recano-Agbulos does not believe in. Given the long work hours of a full time practicing MD, wife, and dedicated mother of two, and devout fitness enthusiast and trainer, one marvels at the tireless devotion that she has for her children. Esther believes that work and career are very important in providing the means to live the lifestyle that you choose, but work must never take away the time from those she holds most dear--her family. Although she takes pride in her career and chosen path as a Medical Doctor, her family will always come first.

“It's important to remind yourself WHY we work and spend time away from our kids. If you are TOO career minded, then you miss out on your kids growing up.”

Being involved in her 5 year old daughter Keilani's school work and daily activities is something she would not miss for the world.

“She is my mini-me” Esther says with a chuckle. From her out-going personality, to her innocent playfulness, to her fierce determination, and to her seemingly inborn athleticism-- Keilani is basically what Esther refers to as her “clone.”

“Sure it's tiring after a long work day- and it would be easy to veg out in front of a TV and go to sleep, but there's nothing I’d rather do than to enjoy some down time with my husband and kids”

On March of this year, Esther was chosen as the cover model for Asian Bodi magazine and it doesn't stop there. Things have gotten even busier for Esther since she has added a new member to her family and younger brother to Keilani, Keanu who is 2 months old. As a devout fitness enthusiast who runs her own fitness website at, she has taken a break from work and fitness to be with Keanu during those extremely formative infant months.

Lastly, Esther says, “The key to happiness is balance in your life. Never use the excuse that there is not enough time for (Fill in the blanks.) Life is too short and the kids grow up in a blink of any eye. I don't want to miss a single moment of it.”

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