My IVF Diary

Go Directly To IVF – Do Not Pass Go!
I started my Trying To Conceive (TTC) journey right after my wedding in December 2013. My husband, let’s call him T, and I decided that we wanted to try right away as we had been together for 7 years and we weren’t spring chickens at 33 and 39. So we went on our amazing Disney honeymoon thinking how awesome it would be to conceive then. A honeymoon baby! How amazing that would have more
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The app “Kids’ Life” and e-book “Talk to Children about Everyday life - A Tool for Adults” contain 64 dialogue images of a puppy, its family, friends and everyday activities, including image text and examples of questions. The knowledge can support and prepare the adult for the conversation, and the dialogue images can make the talk more tangible for the child. 

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