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Aries are independent but they have a strong taste of competition. An Aries may indulge in home workout videos that are easy to follow. Workout videos with different levels will challenge the Aries to work hard in order to reach the next level. However, the impatient nature of this group of people ...
June 7th, 2016

Being in a serious relationship usually requires emotional, spiritual and mental attachment on a high level. In any love relationship, you are expected to share your deepest desires, feelings and fears with your partner or spouse without worrying about how they will judge you. While all of this ...
May 26th, 2016

Bored with your same-ol' same-ol' appetizers? Try these savory stuffed crescent rolls and watch your knees BUCKLE. So here's the scene. You've been invited to a party and you have to come up with a crowd-pleasing appetizer to contribute. You're bored to the bone with the staple ...
November 5th, 2015

This S'mores costume will be a huge hit and the good news is that it's really easy to put together. All you need is cardboard boxes to make the graham crackers, some pillows to stuff a white shirt to make marshmallows, and then you can make a choclolate bar yourself with some carboard, or ...
September 25th, 2015

Nothing says party or celebration like sprinkles and these Funfetti Pudding Mix Cookies are perfect. I’ve tried my hand at sprinkle cookies a few times, but they always left me tasting too much sprinkle. What better than to hide that with the flavor of a vanilla pudding mix and a bit of ...
September 22nd, 2015

Who says carving pumpkins is just for kids? Skip the Jack-o'-lanterns and make a DIY pumpkin keg instead! Who says carving pumpkins is just for kids? Skip the Jack-o'-lanterns and make a DIY pumpkin keg instead! But, you can choose to fill up this pumpkin with a virgin drink as well, so ...
September 16th, 2015

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