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Good morning is an oxymoron

By Paige Herman-Axel on May 10, 2013
I consider myself to be a morning person. At least I was a morning person when I had a reasonably timed alarm and the luxury of enjoying my coffee in peace—perhaps with The Today Show on in the background.

These days, I wake up preemptively early so I can upload my blog and check my website’s stats from the day before while making coffee and my son’s breakfast and lunch simultaneously.

This is all before... "MOMMY, IT'S SEVEN ZERO ZERO." Yes, some would consider me lucky that my four-and-a-half-year-old still won't get out if his bed until I go in to get him. Yes, I appreciate that my son can abide by at least one rule (the 7:00-on-the-clock-means-it’s-time-to-start-the-day rule). But at this point, it's getting old and I'm anxious to see my little man’s smiling face walk into the kitchen in the morning (as long as it's after 7:00).

If your kids wake you up at 5:30 like clockwork each morning, I'm truly sorry. But I guess one day we'll all look back and wish we could have just one more if those mornings, right?

How does YOUR day start?

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