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Birthday party planning

By Paige Herman-Axel on Sep 27, 2013

As my son’s 5th birthday (and birthday party) approaches, I’ve come to realize he’s at the age where he wants to have input—on everything. And that’s more than OK with me. I want him to be happy just as much as I want him to learn to make decisions for himself, even if it means I’m going to be miserable.

When we first started talking about his party a few months ago, it was Chuck E. Cheese or bust. So I promptly reserved the date, and tried to deal with the almost $1,000 price tag required for having all of my son’s friends from school last year, the new class from this year (despite the fact we haven’t met them yet), plus top tier family AND dealing with the fallout from not inviting the relatives who have no business being at Chuck E. Cheese (i.e. those over 80 and those with no kids under the age of 13).

But then, a glorious thing happened… My son decided he wanted to have his “best friends” to our house for his birthday party. I was ecstatic, but in the back of my head I knew it was my duty to make a PARTY, even if just for a handful of kids.

Fast-forward a few weeks and I’ve arranged for a bounce house with basketball nets to be erected on my driveway. Spongebob will also be making an appearance conveniently around the time we do the cake. Our entire family will (hopefully) be here, and between our “family friends,” we’re looking at 20 kids and about 30 adults. Piece of cake—at least compared to Chuck E. Cheese.

I would have stuck with the party at Chuck E. Cheese if that’s what he really wanted—because obviously my son’s birthday is about him, not me. Although I got lucky in this particular situation, all of us moms put our kids first (or should, right?).

What sacrifices have you made to make your kids happy?

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