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BLOG: My IVF Diary

Semen Analysis – Double Whammy Infertility

By Infertile Myrtle on Jun 30, 2014

T is a very healthy guy.  It just never occurred to us that the results of his semen analysis would not be fine.  I even kept reassuring him that I was sure it was all great.  I mean, we were already down about my stupid tubes, there was no way it could get worse? Right? Wrong.  It could and it did.

T’s semen analysis was another hard blow for us.  His counts and motility were fine.  In fact he was on the high side, but his morphology was very poor.  He had 0% normal-shaped sperms. The diagnosis was severe teratozoospermia, meaning the shapes of the sperms were abnormal so they are unable to penetrate the egg on their own. There were 68 million of them in that sample!  How could there be zero normal forms?

We could not believe that both of us were infertile.  Just how did this happen to us?  My doctor said I could’ve gotten sick a long time ago and that may have affected my tubes, who knows? No one really finds out until it matters.  Cue the hysterics right about here.  Everybody always said how great we would be as parents. T loves kids and his niblings adore him and I have always been described as a nurturer. We were at a point in our lives where we really wanted to start our own family.  It was all very devastating and we worried about how to break it to our families.  I mean, how do you even bring something like this up?  Thank goodness that they have all been very understanding and supportive. 

We’re not giving up tho, I have an appointment with a Reproductive Endocrinologist soon. Is it too much to hope for a little bit of good news?

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