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The app “Kids’ Life” and e-book “Talk to Children about Everyday life - A Tool for Adults” contain 64 dialogue images of a puppy, its family, friends and everyday activities, including image text and examples of questions. The knowledge can support and prepare the adult for the conversation, and the dialogue images can make the talk more tangible for the child. 

Images are a visual starting point for talking about a given matter, which give the child a tangible approach to the dialogue. With the pictures as their starting point, the child and the adult are able to create a story together. This makes it possible to talk about the concrete elements in the pictures as well as the child’s opinions and feelings toward the present image. Parents and other adults can help the child relate the dialogue image to his or her own experiences in life. This way, the adult gains insight into the child’s daily life and will have the option of providing alternative courses of action, in case the child is in need of a fresh perspective on problematic situations encountered in everyday life.

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