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By Paige Herman-Axel on Sep 13, 2013

This might sound a little crazy, but my son is almost 5 and he has never (and I mean never) slept with me in my bed. Sure, we’ve had a few nightmares and we’ve tried to do it, but after an hour of none of us sleeping, he always winds up back in his own bed—alone. It all started the first night after the baby nurse left about 2 weeks after he was born. He was in the bassinet next to our bed and just the sound of his breathing (forget all of the other noises) prevented me from sleeping at all despite being beyond sleep-deprived. So I promptly wheeled him into his room and let the monitor take it from there.

When I hear about people who actually co-sleep—like in the same bed—I can’t wrap my head around it. But I give these people major props. If you’re able to really sleep (and function the next day), then more power to you. I’ve never liked sleeping with people I wasn’t actually sleeping with (if you catch my drift), and this includes sleepovers when I was little, college trips when we packed as many girls into a hotel room as possible, and even just crashing at a friend’s apartment after a late night out. And apparently my child is no exception.

Someone please tell me I’m not the only one who feels this way!

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